Shenhe Technology CO., LTD was founded in 2010, From the beginning of it’s establishment the company promote a major reform in the industry depend on it’s independent research and development of  JINYUAN slotting machine-angle grinder type. With the advantage of “simple” “efficient” ”accurate” ”low in cost” redefined the advertising words’ edge processing technology. Leading the new trend of the industry progress.

After a few years of development, now the company own more than 10000 square meters of production and processing workshop, and established a perfect marketing and after-sales service system. the first-class research and development team converge at here. Many equipment and operating software has been conferred the national patents, and own the independent intellectual property rights. Now the capacity of production and sales is more than 3000 sets per year, the product spread all over the world. Already achieved the objective which the market share, customer’s word-of-mouth and the industry reputation all were the first.

At this moment for JINYUAN the preparation is going well. Relying on excellent quality, high-efficient product and service to reform the industry situation again and create the greater prosperity.

      深和科技有限公司创立于2010年,创立初期即依靠公司自主研发的“津元”角磨机式开槽机推动了业内一次重大变革,用"能用"、"好用"、"实用"、"耐用"、"通用"重新定义了广告字边围加工技术,先进了行业进步新风潮。深和科技有限公司创立于2010年,创立初期即依靠公司自主研发的“津元”角磨机型开槽机推动了业内一次重大变革,用“简单”、“效率高 ”、“准确”、“低成本”重新定义了广告字边围加工新技术,先进了行业进步新风潮。


此时深和已做好十足的准备,凭借过硬的产品品质和效率高 优质的服务,势将再一次革新行业态势,再创辉煌。